Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 1

In my life, I've had many best friends. I have been so blessed to have just incredible people in my life, always. How awesome is that? But here are some of the most influential.

Rhylee was my best friend *couch sister cough* during middle school. How do I even describe our relationship? Wacky. Hilarious. Pee your pants laughing. Total blondeness. Cute boys. Drawing - on our pants, on our faces, on my wall. Making up songs. Singing and dancing always. Sharing our testimonies. Doing weird things. We were so cool (: and so funny! Aw man. Some of my most favorite memories are with this girl. I look back and just always smile when I think of her. We still keep in touch, and I still love this girl to death. I hope to see her alot more in the future (: and I hope she's very, very happy. and I am so grateful for the ways she has shaped me as a person, how she built me up and taught me so much, and for the awesome times we had!

Ashlee was my best friend basically all during high school. I know she's definitely reading this - the last thing I would doubt is her blog stalking skills ;) That I love! Haha. (: Anyways, some of my most favorite memories are also with this gal. We became bus buddies on the ride to Seattle, and the rest of our friendship was history. We had some hilarious, great times. The number one thing I remember about our friendship though, is how much she helped me. She came during a hard period of my life, and helped me grow so much. She helped me have confidence and taught me alot. No matter what, I will always be grateful I had her as a friend! I hope to keep in touch, and want to someday go to her wedding and later see her cute litte kids. This girl is an awesome person.

Amber is one of the greatest examples I've ever had! She was one of my closest friends my senior year. I can't believe we didn't really know eachother before that! She is amazing. Strong, beautiful, a little blonde, hilarious... Haha. I will never forget being in Madrigal carpool together, having funfetti cake and princess movie marathons, working in seminary counsel together, and having our girl nights which always ended up going not quite as expected haha (: I love this girl so much! And I look up to her in so many ways still. I can't wait until I can see her again! Snort snort!

I'm not sure if this guy should be on the best friends list or a different one. But I figured he deserved a spot here. He was one of my closest friends my junior & senior year of high school. He always did very kind things for me - he is one of the most giving people I have ever met, whether it's a much needed listening ear, a fun hangout, or a thoughtful just random act of kindness. That sounds super cheesy, but it's not haha. He's a great guy, and I sure hope he ends up desperately happy, with a cute little wife fishing somewhere. I will always be grateful for what he did for me, and how he helped shaped me into who I am today.

There are so many other people who should be on here - Camie, Allie O, Kaitlyn, Katharine (my dear sister), Chris, Seth, ect. I am so so grateful for all you guys - you have made my life a joy, and have made all the difference! But I am off to work and am out of time :( So, sadly, your thankful paragraphs are in my mind, and probably in letters
Thanks for my friends. I love you guys (:

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