Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Legally Blonde Moments?

Today has been the most embarassing day.
Wow. I mean, these things happen to everyone once in a while. But really.
Let me explain.
This morning, I woke up, headed off to school, realized halfway there I forgot my insulin pump ( which I took off to take a shower). I couldn't go home and get it, because Fredericksburg is 30 min away and I couldn't be late for my first class.
I got a sweet parking spot, the very last one on College Ave
 so I jumped out of my car, headed to the other door to grab my backpack, tugged on the handle... and it wouldn't  budge. I tried opening it again. Desperately I dashed to the other side to see if that side was still unlocked, but sadly, it wasn't. I totally locked myself out of my car, with no backpack, no lunch, no cell phone, not even a single solitary pen to my name. All I have is my crumpled schedule in my hand.
 (Thankfully - or else I would have had NO idea where I was going. That was a massive blessing).
Like I said before, no cell phone, so I couldn't call home - I have no idea what the number is!
So I dashed to my class so I wouldn't be late.

Brief break - Drawing is AWESOME. No awkward moments happened there (aside from not having any paper/pens, ect)
Then... got out of class, had another class in 10 minutes (so I think).
I facebooked (Yes, I just used facebook as a verb. Weird) my parents, explained the situation, and told them to send me the home phone number, saying I'll call them after my next class gets out.
Then I ran across campus, and barely made it on time.
I got to what was supposed to be Global Issues in Literature, but as I walked in I saw on the powerpoint "English 495: Science Fiction"
I was just like what the heck??? I was so confused. But by then the professor started talking, so I couldn't really do anything about it.
Turns out he knew every single person in the class, and every single person in the class knew each other. Their all joking around, laughing, having a grand old time. Their actually really funny and cool.
But, of course, he pinpointed me out as the new one, the single, solitary soul he didn't know.
He started reading the syllabus and describing the books we were going to be studying.
Started out with racism... then transgender, bisexual, then interspecies 'relations', then pedophile romances... these are novels that explore these things. In a graphic way.
So I was just thinking
Wow, I need to get out of here.
Then, being the newby, the professor pinpointed me to read a quote from the syllabus, about how science fiction novels can be a tool for bringing about diversity and social issues
I thought he pointed out the quote that went past the first page, and asked him "Wait, all of it?"
The whole class just laughed, and he gave me this incredulous stare, and said "Yeah..."
So I started reading. The entire page. I was totally flustered, so I spoke very expressively.
At the end, he just looked at me, and pointed to a small 3 sentence quote at the top of the page, and said "You were supposed to read that.."
I was totally mortified, and just said "Why didn't you tell me?!"
 he and the entire class just laughed and he said that I was really into what I was reading!
So, I ended up reading the short quote as well.
Since I was the only person he didn't know, throughout the rest of the hour everytime he went over anything in the syllabus, he said "this is all for Whitney, because everyone else already knows everything in the syllabus!"
I just laughed, with my face bright red I'm sure, and avoided my classmate's laughs and looks.
Soo embarassing!

Then FINALLY class ended...

so I ran to my other class on the other side of campus I thought was starting in 10 minutes. I got to the room, and nobody was there. I couldn't even get in the room, the door was locked. So I waited around for a few minutes, then decided to go look for a clock or someone who might know whats going on. There was nobody around, so I looked at the clock... looked at my schedule... looked at the clock again... and had a fateful epiphany
I totally just sat through the wrong class. and my real class, in the same room across campus, started 5 minutes ago.
So I ran (literally running, panting, the whole shibang) across campus, walked in late to the only chair left in the center of the back, everyone staring at me (happened alot today), and heave a sigh of relief. I finally got to sit through my correct class.

Now I felt back on track, I got to my sculpture class alright, and my day got much less embarassing from there.
I checked facebook afterwards, and my Mom sent me the home phone number and said she has a spare key
So I  borrow a librarian's cell phone (this awesome helpful guy), call her, and now am waiting in the library for her to bring me the spare key.
I wish I could work on homework, because I have a ton, but it's all in my car.
Now, see what I mean? Sometimes, I don't mean this seriously, but I kind of do, sometimes I really question my ability at thinking. I mean, everyone has spacy moments,  but today was sooo bad.
Phewf. Okay, I'm done ranting. I've written a ton
I guess life rarely goes smoothly, right? Just another semester.
First semester, had no electricity, couldn't take a shower for three days, had an earthquake, and had first week of school.
Figured the starting of this one would be easier... I guess not haha.
Oh well! I am very happy with my life, I really do love it, and I am soooo glad this day is almost over

Wish me luck


  1. Oh goodness, this made me laugh so hard! I totally had the mental image of you doing this. I miss you and your blonde moments!

  2. Haha! You can have them, I could do just fine without them..