Saturday, November 2, 2013

awkward & awesome


Transitions. Guys. Transitions are hard. The closer my departure date comes, the more out of sorts I feel - like my life has become a shirt I've been wearing pretty comfortably, and suddenly I've sprouted like 3 inches (...I wish, haha) and it's suddenly stopped fitting right.

I feel SO excited to go, so happy to go, can't wait to go.... and then it hits me, that it's real, and I get so nervous!

All of a sudden all my weaknesses are glaring me in the face, and sometimes I feel no matter how hard I try, I just can't quite seem to get them right.
I think one thing I'm most scared of is being that one awkward duck missionary....

I mean, let's be honest. I have this weakness that is especially hard for me, as silly as it probably sounds - and that is, about seventy to eighty percent of the time, I am so utterly hopeless at small talk conversations. I try- I really, really do! But probably two thirds of the time it just is.... awkward.

However - the other third of the time, it's pretty awesome, and I really connect with the person. So, conclusion? I'll probably be an awkward duck missionary, except for the few people that I totally connect with. And I guess that's okay. Those few people are probably the people I'm meant to be - and there to be - serving, anyways. (:
And I'll definitely do my best to love and serve everyone I meet. Even if I'm awkward, haha.

Anyways, let's move on to the awesome stuff.


Spending the day taking pictures in the beautiful fall scenery of Fredericksburg, then heading down to Richmond to dance the night away. My good friend stationed in Norfolk invited me to hang out with him and all the cool cats down South before I leave on my mission, and it was so awesome!! Absolutely lovely night, with awesome people, lots of laughs, great music, and putting all my worries behind. It was a magnificent breath of fresh air that blew out most of the stress that's been building up in me.

It was so nice being around a ton of people my age. I've missed that so much, I've realized. This whole being like Sleeping Beauty - living in the beautiful forest, with my family and sheep and chickens and ducks (which are SO funny, by the way. They deserve an awesome column by themselves) has been good, because I've been able to earn money and prepare for my mission. But in some ways, it's been really hard! I've missed talking with people who understand me, because their in the same phase of life I'm in. I've decided, when I come back, I'm going to be attending YSA wards - whether there's one in my stake or not.

Also awesome:

Watching Forever Strong with my madre. Such an awesome movie. Also, most attractive actor ever.

Trick or Treating with the kids & family friends. My brothers are such goofballs. (: I love my family.

 Just 18 more days till the MTC, people!!! and 14 until I leave to Utah!

Turns out I'll be giving another farewell talk, in Utah, so any of my friends & family out West, I would love for you to come!

Here are some lovely pictures, and some funny ones for laughs. Enjoy. (:

So True!!
truth of Halloween, haha
reflections in the water

sweet. (: (and... just a thought.. who brings pocketknives on a date? haha)

Rappahanock River


let's be adventurous. (: