Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunburns, Seashells, & Bear Lake (oh my)

Summer is soo fun (:
So relaxing, and warm, and so many great adventures!
Bear Lake was a blast!
Love camping.
We went fossil hunting, & found a bunch of really cool ones up Logan Canyon!
Then we headed up to Bear Lake & soaked up the sun (:
We went boating, & tubing! That was hilarious! My brothers were soo funny!
It was Isaac & Jacob's first time. So funny. So we watched from the sunny boat, the wind sweeping our hair (love that feeling)  and from our sprawling comfy seats we saw Jacob's face looking absolutely petrified the entire time... and once in a while when they hit a really big wave Isaac's head would pop up from behind him with the hugest, beaming grin. Haha, it was so great!
One of my most favorite summery feelings in the world is riding in a boat super fast, with the wind in your hair and the sun so warm - and cannon-balling into the lake!
 Bear Lake is so gorgeous! The water was turquoise. So beautiful!
& making smores, eating burgers @ Merlin's, & slurping their famous raspberry shakes is delicious.
We came home soo sunburned. We could barely move. We'll have some nice tans (;
but Aloe Vera is our best friend right now. Haha.
After that, life has still been filled with fun things. It never gets boring around here.
Katharine & I saw the Avengers again... & we've worked hard in the yard... & my brothers are always doing weird things. Like eating jelly hot dog buns & pickles for breakfast. Eww. 
My brothers are so weird.
Yup, life is great (:

I'll never forget dancing in these heels... ouch haha

The Avengers (: again..

One of the awesome fossils I found!

The trail where we found the fossils (:

So pretty... loved swimming @ sunset too.


Isaac's head.. haha

tubing is so fun (:

Daddy & Mom were hilarious too.  Haha.

cute Hannah (:

Weird breakfast..

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Awkward & Awesome


Utah YSA Wards. Don't get me wrong, the people are super nice and are just great. And I don't go for the people (even as awesome as they are), I go because I need to go to church (: But just the nature of it opens the door for lots of awkward moments! Especially  in Utah for some reason.. I'm not sure why. But things such as walking in late... well... only in a YSA ward does the entire congregation turn around to scope out whose walking in haha.

Taking hilarious pictures with my sisters. Okay, that part is just awesome (: But a bit embarrassing when you've been totally cracking up, and laughing at really weird faces, and then the neighbors walk by & you realize they've been watching you laugh & make bizarre faces for a while!

Utah drivers! I think their scarier, and way less considerate, then East coast drivers in general. Seriously. It's intense, especially when you're driving a 15 seater van..

Another high school friend getting married! So weird!


Captain America socks. Found at Target for only 1 dollar (: Their the best!

My lovely friends! It's soo great seeing them again!

Pioneer Day. Only in Utah (: BBQ, fireworks, & remembering those tough pioneers..

Getting everything settled for SVU! I'm all set for August. Housing, food, classes, everything. 
I'm so excited (:

Dance parties in the basement. Haha.

Workin' out (:

And camping at Bear Lake this weekend! Woot woot! 
Camping is already the best, but by Bear Lake is going to be great! 
Gonna soak up the sun, collect cute little seashells, get a tan...
 maybe go boating (: So excited!!
 Summer is the best!

Amber & Ash & I (: via facebook...

lovely (:

Baklava! Greek food is the best!

Captain America socks (: Yeah.. we got matching ones.

Partyin' @ Jamba Juice!

My cute sisters (:

@ the park!

I laugh every time I see this... Katharine's face is priceless!

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Lovely Afternoon

Lately life has been lovely
Just so relaxing and fun and ordinary. Ha.
I finished another journal (: This will be like my 9th or 10th... I'm not quite sure how many I've written now. But I've kept one since I was 8.
Crazy, huh? It sounds so nerdy, haha.
I just have always had so much to write, and think about! Their so funny to go back and read, especially in my 8 year old days. I'm not sure who will ever want to read them besides me, haha, but yeah.
It's just refreshing to be able to write whatever I like, with no worries about anyone else reading it or misunderstanding or judging... or making me totally embarrassed (:
It helps sort out life and thoughts, and I think it's just healthy for the soul (:
At least my soul. Ha.
I had a total splurge fun girl's day with my sister & Mom.
We cleaned out our boat, then decided to use our yummy food coupons we got for running in the Mud Run.
It's funny they give the runners all these junk food coupons, haha. It's like their trying to fatten us up!
Except we train and run and burn it all off, so it's all good (:
Anyways, talking about embarrassing stories and dating experiences (awesome & awkward haha. favorite quote: "He has a kissing spot, like your Daddy!" (aka bald spot)) and boys,  accompanied with Chick fil A fry sauce, diet lemonade, and frozen yogurt made for a great afternoon.
And that's that. Don't ya love summer days? It's been a bit frustrating not having a job, but in some ways I'm pretty grateful. Probably won't see Daddy & Mom & Katharine for another year, or longer, so it's nice spending so much time with them. I miss them a ton when I'm gone. So I'm soaking it up while I can. It's really nice. I must say though, I do miss Virginia. I'm looking forward to going back & starting school & being back East again. I really love it out there. And SVU is going to be a grand adventure (:
One more random thought,
Some people in my family are most likely getting a divorce, I just found out. I'm not judging, or saying anything negative about anyone. I completely support and love my family quite dearly. But I was thinking about it, and I think it's safe to say probably about half my family, or maybe slightly more or less, have been through a divorce. It's really sad :( Tough stuff. Again, I'm not judging. Ha. But it's hard. It's really sad, especially for the kids involved. It kind of scares me how common it is, for my future. But I am going to be so careful who I marry (in that far off day, ha). So, so, so careful. It really is the most important decision a person makes. I'm going to do everything in my power to have a strong marriage, and will marry someone who will do the same. I don't want my kids to have to go through the stuff I did. And marriage is supposed to be a wonderful thing - yeah, definitely tough times and things you have to work through - but it's so worth working through it, and I think it can also be the greatest source of joy & friendship & happiness in life! Really! 
Luckily, even when tragic things happen, the Lord has a way of making good things come out of really tough situations. I'm so blessed to have the people in my family that I do. I'm so glad my parents have been able to build happy, strong marriages and have a strong family, even with a tough past. It's quite a miracle that people can move on and be happy and find peace & joy in their lives. So there's so much hope, well, there is always hope for the future. I'm so grateful for that (:
And now, I am done rambling. Off for a fun Friday night with the sista (: 
Last note - a great quote my Mom's putting in her book she's writing about step-families -
The grass is greener on the side you water! So true!
okay, the end (:

I know, I write Goodnight at the end when I write in my journal... I'll just pretend it's cool that I'm a total cheeseball haha
I heart coupons (:



Delicious, juicy burger!! Chicken burger! Yum!

massive frozen yogurt (: haha

yummy! cake batter, chocolate, & peanut butter (: and oreos! (luckily I worked out today)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Little House (Dear John)

Dear John

The other day my Mom and sister and I picked up the Dear John soundtrack from the library.
We stuck it in the car and started listening. The first few songs were okay, but when this song came on
I was holding back tears with the first few notes, ha.
 Her voice is so clear, and the lyrics are beautiful but haunting, but still hopeful...
If that makes any sense ha.
The book is one of my favorite romances. It's about a handsome soldier and a sweet girl who loves horses (can you guess why I like it? haha) and it's a really sweet but sad story.
Typical Nicholas Sparks (: 
Anyways, the movie was pretty good, the book is great, and I fell in love with this song, ha.
And here are some super cute photos from the movie, courtesy of pinterest. So enjoy (:

Dear John♥

Dear John Romance

John & Savannah - Dear John

dear john
Dear John.

Dear John <3

dear john