Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thoughts on Home (:

As of next Wednesday, I will officially have lived in Virginia for a whole year.
Isn't that wild?
And a few short days after that I'll be off to Utah again....
It has been such a crazy ride! It's been absolutely wonderful, and tough, and trying, and great, and I have learned so much. The experiences  I've had here, the people I have come to know who've touched my life, and the things I've learned have helped me grow so much, and have changed me. I look back at the happy, determined but rather nieve girl I was a year ago, and it's quite astonishing the changes and growth I've made, ha. It makes me wonder what I'll think looking back on myself now a year from now (: I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to come out and learn the things I have, and have peace about my life. I know it was the right choice. It's amazing to look back and see how the Lord has guided my life and the miracles that have come... I'm so grateful for the trials and blessings I've had that have brought me closer to Him this year.
I'm going to miss it out here so much. I'm going to miss the people I've met, and the atmosphere and things to learn and do. That is the hardest thing about moving! Almost my whole life has been picking up and moving every year and a half or so, and although it's given me some incredible experiences and really crazy stories and opportunities to meet some amazing people, it hasn't always been easy. One major thing I've learned though, from these crazy experiences, is that home isn't about where you live. It's not about the house, or the city, or the yard. After a long time I can see how these things hold so many memories and become home and come close to one's heart. But truly, home is being with the people you love.
That makes it tough for me, because no matter where I go the people I love are kind of scattered, coast to coast almost, ha. Whether I stay in Virginia or Utah a pretty big chunk of my heart is left behind. But even though it's hard, it's helped me learn to be strong and have patience and faith. The people I happen to love are definitely worth it (:
Anyways, although my heart is so sad to leave Virginia, it is SO excited to get to SLC! I try to picture the coming home scene - I'll probably step off the plane and giving my parents and sister an ENORMOUS hug, and I'll probably cry. Maybe. Then we'll chatter and talk for hours... and then they'll probably show me the whole house and the yard and all the changes they've made. I'll put down my heavy (but not overpacked) suitcase in my room and lay down and run my hands through the cozy soft carpet. Then we'll go on a walk  through our cute little neighborhood like we used to. Man, I can't wait! Ha. And seeing my old high school friends, and hearing their stories and catching up...  It will be so great! I also can't wait to see and go into the beautiful Salt Lake temple, and walk around Temple Square (: I can't wait to just see (and hopefully hike! alot!) the towering, majestic Rocky Mountains... and, believe it or not, I am looking forward to being in the Utah bubble. I've lived outside of Utah before, but this year I've come to appreciate it and see it in a different light, ha. On a not so sentimental note, I'm also excited for a saucy burrito at Cafe Rio and a big, fat, juicy burger at In n Out - with fries & fry sauce. (: 
It will be so, so good to be back.
I really hope to be back in Virginia for school in the fall. Hopefully things will work out so that I can. I'm walking that path, and feel so good about it, and am praying alot. So if it's right I know things will work out. If it's not, and I need to be somewhere else for some reason, then that's what's best. Ha. But I feel so good about it. Whatever happens, I have faith that's what is best will work out! I know the Lord is guiding me and helping me, and I'm doing the best in researching and thinking things through so I can to make good decisions. So it'll work out for the best. I know it will.
And that's the end, for now (:

my zillionth picture of the Washington Monument.. it's probably pretty obvious it's my favorite one, ha.

God Bless America

The chickens! (Isaac's best friends!)

love barefoot summers (: (even though I hate feet.. ha)

delicious cookies! (good thing I'm leaving soon, these are too tempting!)

My Mommy, the cooking & gardening queen.

homemade laundry soap, that's great for your skin and smells delightful (:

cute homemade canning jars!


  1. YES!!! When are you coming!? I can't wait to see you and hear all about your life in Virginia!! I am so excited!!!

  2. Camie!! I'm coming a week from Monday (: I'm so excited to see you too!!

  3. Whitney!! I am so excited to see you too!! I can't wait! The coutdown is on!! Yes!!!!!!!! Love you!!