Monday, October 22, 2012


There is nothing like a crisp October day that makes me want to be outside,
 all day, every day.
It is so beautiful!
 So I went on a drive, along the beautiful twisty Blue Ridge Parkway,
It was so beautiful!
 I stopped to take pictures, because it was so gorgeous,
 although none of the pictures ever do it justice.
 I even stopped and spontaneously trekked a mini hike along one of the trails.
 I discovered a gorgeous cobblestone path, sunlight peeking through the trees, the smell of the forest (which I absolutely love. If they made a cologne out of that, or a candle,
I would have my whole house smell like that! Not perfume though, it's more of a manly smell...)
and some abandoned boulders. It was awesome (:

Besides that, it's been midterms week. so that's always pretty stressful! but I made it without too much hair pulling and a fair amount of sleep, so I consider it pretty successful (:

I went to a VMI game! Which checked off a major thing on my buckest list for this semester.
 Because of a very nice cadet, I was able to go in & see the barracks - which are so cool!
They have an amazing view, and it's the neatest building. Kind of like Hogwarts (:
 It's really like walking inside a real castle.  We also got to eat a free lunch & attend the football game, for free! yeah, that's right! my pocketbook & I were happy (:
It was so fun! We sat in the middle of the band, so we had lively music the whole time. It was so fun being with the cadets & my friend. The guys around us were so goofy, I almost felt like I was with my brothers back home. I also got to meet the mischevious, funny kangaroo mascot, and he flipped my hat around and had me do a gang sign picture. I also attempted, and failed miserably, to play the trumpet & the trombone, which was hilarious. 
It was a fantastic time (:
That night was also stake conference, which was amazing
. The speakers spoke so well and taught me alot, and the Spirit was really strong. There was one odd moment where I saw the first counselor in the Stake presidency, and found he looks exactly like Captain America! I mean, they could be brothers! So that weirded me out for a few minutes, haha. But he did a great job as well, and it was just awesome. I love my Church (:
Then I had the whole day free, so I decided to find a place to paint.
I listened to the Reflections of Christ soundtrack (if you've never heard it, go get a taste here. it's amazing.)
I found a cute little place in downtown Lexington, and sat down with everything I needed - brushes, canvas, mineral spirits, everything! So then I opened my container for my oil paints.. and there were none in there :( It was so sad! I left them all at home. So, instead, I used acrylics, and tried to rinse the brushes with mineral spirits anyways, which didn't work out too well... haha.
But it was so lovely, and so peaceful.
I got to talk to a few people, and a little Japanese tourist family came and took pictures of me.
It was a lovely afternoon!
I've been learning so much, and can tell already that I've grown from living out on my own and from the experiences I've had in the past months.
I'm so grateful for my life. I am so, so blessed.
I can't describe how thankful I am to know that no matter what happens, no matter what lies ahead, I have full assurance that things will work together for good.
Alrighty, that's the end for now (:



Friday, October 12, 2012

hello, October

I love fall. (:
It's so, so beautiful.
Absolutely breathtaking!
Sometimes, when I'm driving, I just have to stop & take a few pictures
& enjoy the crisp, cool, cozy weather
That makes me feel like cuddling up in an old sweater & drinking hot chocolate (:
love October.

love the fall colors
sometimes you just have to stop driving & enjoy the moment (:
one of my favorite things to do! ever! drive in autumn, down the winding roads of Virginia
cute pumpkins @ school (:
love SVU (:
the library decorated outside (:


Monday, October 8, 2012

notes on a crazy, awesome weekend (:

This weekend was SO crazy. Honestly.
Sometimes in life, all the greatest things happen all at once.
Then, when all these great things happen, all the weirdest little problems come up.
It's like my mind and emotions get so filled up and focused on all the awesome things
 that it slackens & sometimes totally spaces out on normal life
 and I forget to do, or do random things, I usually wouldn't forget or do.
That was a confusing sentence, but hopefully it got the idea across, haha.
What I basically  mean to say is, my life is awesome! But the weirdest, most random problems have been popping up!
 I tried writing about all the crazy things that happened, 
but my writing was turning way too long & detailed.
Nobody needs to read a novel about my life, haha.
So, basically, these things happened:
I ate breakfast with a nice, friendly Australian guy.
I found I've developed a problem at school -
Whenever I talk to a handsome guy, I look at his face while I talk to him, and then I just start feeling super happy. And then I start grinning, and get this urge to just laugh a happy laugh. And I'm sure I'm smiling with this gigant, silly smile on my face, while I'm talking to him, because I just feel so joyful inside. How silly is that? Haha.
Despite my newly acquired weird habit, or maybe because of it haha, my dating life is virtually nonexistent right now... so I guess it doesn't really matter. But it's pretty weird!
Anyways. That happened recently.
Then my contact fell out during my math test, so I completed it half blind.
A giant, freaky bug crawled right in front of me during the test, but I prevailed in successfully finishing the math problems despite the inconvenient distraction.
 I lost my dorm key, so I had zero access to my room - or replacement contacts.
Luckily I had my glasses & all my weekend necessities in my trunk
(thanks to some inspiration that morning - tender mercies everywhere in my life!)
 I drove home - through the breathtakingly beautiful country hills -
barely in the nick of time for Adam's baptism.
That was such an awesome experience (:
 It was so sweet seeing him get baptized, and being able to see him feel the Spirit
and feel so happy on that day. He is such a great little brother (: I have the greatest family.
I watched the Avengers, with the brothers and sisters. Awesome.
Then I woke up and watched conference.
I mean, anyone mildly aware of the LDS community I'm sure has heard the news
Virtually every LDS girl on facebook has declared her intentions to go on a mission by now, haha
But the fact that I could go on a mission now is, in an understated word, quite exciting (:
I'm going to start doing the work to see what I can do to prepare, and see if it's the right thing for me.
I feel like it's a really great path
It's hard to explain the feeling I got when I heard, but I just felt so excited and happy and knew that what President Monson was saying was directed from God.
 My testimony was strengthened, and I feel more strongly converted to the gospel then I have for a long time.
So many of my prayers were answered,
including things I've been struggling with and asking and pondering about for a long time.
 Especially about school, and the paths I'm taking for my life...
So it was just incredible.
Conference is always so good,  but I don't think I've been so strongly immersed and overwhelmed with the Spirit & the messages as I have in that one, ha.
 It was so awesome!
More than words.
Seriously. Ha.
So then I came back to my cute little home in SVU on Sunday, and watched the last few sessions-
which were equally profound and uplifting and inspiring as the ones before.
Conference went so quickly.
That night, I still didn't have my room key.
I watched Hercules with my friends.
And then I was locked out of my dorm,
So I decided to go for a drive, to kill the time.
10 minutes down the road, not even off campus, I got my first ticket.
Parked in front of the library, where everyone could see me and the flashing blue lights and the two serious, tough cops talking to me.
 Including some of my other friends, of course.
Ticketed for not stopping completely at a stop sign.
Luckily, it's a really small ticket. They were really nice about it, & I'm grateful ha.
 I will definitely be more careful driving!
It's the worst feeling in the world getting pulled over, I always feel so guilty!
Today, I got my room key again.
And got the picture retaken on it, so my hair isn't sticking straight up (:
It's an improvement.
So life is back to it's not as hectic normalcy.
But my mind is still recovering from the amazingly spiritual, mentally overloaded, busy weekend.
This morning in class I raised my hand to add some insight to a question the professor had asked.
As soon as he called on me, my brain was so tired that I just completely spaced.
I thought about what I was going to say, stammered, said um, apologized and told him I was tired, wondered why I was saying these things & apologizing, while he looked at me incredulously the whole time, and I finally spit out my point to the argument.
It was just embarrassing, haha.
All day I have been so out of it, and the weirdest things have come out of my mouth.
But, oh well. Tonight I'm off to bed, and I'll get a great night sleep.
My post major spiritual experience & busy-weekend-overloaded mind will settle down, get some rest, and be able to think clearly in normal life again. So it will be good (:
And.. that's another day in the life.