Friday, January 27, 2012

I was sittin', waitin', wishin'...

Oh, Jack Johnson says it very eloquently for me sometimes!
This has been my week - daydreaming, and dreaming, and waiting, and wishing, and going out and doing other things
Okay, I guess that describes life in general (: Haha.
But really.
I'm waiting.
I checked the mail twice before it came. Then, finally, I saw the mailtruck come. I ran out the door, sprinted down the long, stretched out driveway (which felt fantastic by the way, today is b - ee - a - utiful)
I opened the mailbox, shuffled through all the mail as quickly as I could... and nothing.
I got two book packages, with my textbooks,
but not what I'm looking for.
I'm giving it one week, and then
Whitney, girl, it's time to move forward.
Boy, please don't let me down!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Thoughts on College

The weird way professors say "syllabi". To this girl it sounds like some funky disease or plant.. not a class outline
Guys asking for girl's number.. girl thinks he says email, says "W..." guy starts cracking up. Embarassing.
Taking naps in the library
Awesome economics professor, who likes karaoke and helping Honduras
English class reading sad stories about WWII Veteran, girl almost starts crying in class
Drawing daily sketchbook - theme: The Travels of the Artist (Real or Imaginary)
Western Civ, reading only original texts from the French Revolution to WWII to the Cold War. Girl is so excited (: and is so nerdy, but is so happy haha
Girl is looking for a letter in the mail
Girl really wants to go visit DC
Girl is wondering what is going to happen this year?
College is pretty great.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Legally Blonde Moments?

Today has been the most embarassing day.
Wow. I mean, these things happen to everyone once in a while. But really.
Let me explain.
This morning, I woke up, headed off to school, realized halfway there I forgot my insulin pump ( which I took off to take a shower). I couldn't go home and get it, because Fredericksburg is 30 min away and I couldn't be late for my first class.
I got a sweet parking spot, the very last one on College Ave
 so I jumped out of my car, headed to the other door to grab my backpack, tugged on the handle... and it wouldn't  budge. I tried opening it again. Desperately I dashed to the other side to see if that side was still unlocked, but sadly, it wasn't. I totally locked myself out of my car, with no backpack, no lunch, no cell phone, not even a single solitary pen to my name. All I have is my crumpled schedule in my hand.
 (Thankfully - or else I would have had NO idea where I was going. That was a massive blessing).
Like I said before, no cell phone, so I couldn't call home - I have no idea what the number is!
So I dashed to my class so I wouldn't be late.

Brief break - Drawing is AWESOME. No awkward moments happened there (aside from not having any paper/pens, ect)
Then... got out of class, had another class in 10 minutes (so I think).
I facebooked (Yes, I just used facebook as a verb. Weird) my parents, explained the situation, and told them to send me the home phone number, saying I'll call them after my next class gets out.
Then I ran across campus, and barely made it on time.
I got to what was supposed to be Global Issues in Literature, but as I walked in I saw on the powerpoint "English 495: Science Fiction"
I was just like what the heck??? I was so confused. But by then the professor started talking, so I couldn't really do anything about it.
Turns out he knew every single person in the class, and every single person in the class knew each other. Their all joking around, laughing, having a grand old time. Their actually really funny and cool.
But, of course, he pinpointed me out as the new one, the single, solitary soul he didn't know.
He started reading the syllabus and describing the books we were going to be studying.
Started out with racism... then transgender, bisexual, then interspecies 'relations', then pedophile romances... these are novels that explore these things. In a graphic way.
So I was just thinking
Wow, I need to get out of here.
Then, being the newby, the professor pinpointed me to read a quote from the syllabus, about how science fiction novels can be a tool for bringing about diversity and social issues
I thought he pointed out the quote that went past the first page, and asked him "Wait, all of it?"
The whole class just laughed, and he gave me this incredulous stare, and said "Yeah..."
So I started reading. The entire page. I was totally flustered, so I spoke very expressively.
At the end, he just looked at me, and pointed to a small 3 sentence quote at the top of the page, and said "You were supposed to read that.."
I was totally mortified, and just said "Why didn't you tell me?!"
 he and the entire class just laughed and he said that I was really into what I was reading!
So, I ended up reading the short quote as well.
Since I was the only person he didn't know, throughout the rest of the hour everytime he went over anything in the syllabus, he said "this is all for Whitney, because everyone else already knows everything in the syllabus!"
I just laughed, with my face bright red I'm sure, and avoided my classmate's laughs and looks.
Soo embarassing!

Then FINALLY class ended...

so I ran to my other class on the other side of campus I thought was starting in 10 minutes. I got to the room, and nobody was there. I couldn't even get in the room, the door was locked. So I waited around for a few minutes, then decided to go look for a clock or someone who might know whats going on. There was nobody around, so I looked at the clock... looked at my schedule... looked at the clock again... and had a fateful epiphany
I totally just sat through the wrong class. and my real class, in the same room across campus, started 5 minutes ago.
So I ran (literally running, panting, the whole shibang) across campus, walked in late to the only chair left in the center of the back, everyone staring at me (happened alot today), and heave a sigh of relief. I finally got to sit through my correct class.

Now I felt back on track, I got to my sculpture class alright, and my day got much less embarassing from there.
I checked facebook afterwards, and my Mom sent me the home phone number and said she has a spare key
So I  borrow a librarian's cell phone (this awesome helpful guy), call her, and now am waiting in the library for her to bring me the spare key.
I wish I could work on homework, because I have a ton, but it's all in my car.
Now, see what I mean? Sometimes, I don't mean this seriously, but I kind of do, sometimes I really question my ability at thinking. I mean, everyone has spacy moments,  but today was sooo bad.
Phewf. Okay, I'm done ranting. I've written a ton
I guess life rarely goes smoothly, right? Just another semester.
First semester, had no electricity, couldn't take a shower for three days, had an earthquake, and had first week of school.
Figured the starting of this one would be easier... I guess not haha.
Oh well! I am very happy with my life, I really do love it, and I am soooo glad this day is almost over

Wish me luck

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Tuesdays


Going on a date, having a great time, then getting home and realizing your zipper has been down - most likely all day. Lovely.
First day of class, and thinking the teacher is calling on you, so you start talking, then to realize she called on the person right behind you. Not too bad, until it happens almost every time.. consecutively through the entire class. haha.
Proceeding to explain why not being able to grow facial hair on a guy is a blessing, then suddenly realize the guy your talking to is growing a beard.. oops


Starting second semester of school! On a much easier note this time - we have electricity and running water. Makes life a lot easier :)
Priesthood Blessings. (this one deserves much more explanation and higher ranking on the awesome scale, but these aren't in any particular order :)
Granola, yogurt, and hummus sandwiches. Yum!
Going to battlefields and seeing Confederate & Union trenches! SO awesome. I live in the coolest place, ever! for textbooks!! Which I am SO grateful I am using, forever! Double awesome!
I'm totally a savvy college student now! ;)
Mere Christianity... and C.S. Lewis in general
Superhero movies
Working out!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Some Research

So, I have been soo bored today. Like, incredibly. I woke up at 7, worked out for an hour, then watched Spiderman, then watched Captain America, while doing some artsy stuff. By the end of Captain America, I was going a bit crazy. I never thought I would admit this, but I think I'll be glad when school starts! It's good to fill time and keep moving forward!

Anyways, this past break I've obviously had alot of time (and am proud to say I have not felt bored until now), and one thing I did was research a member of my  family. I'm not sure of the exact relation ties, but he is somehow related to Dad, my stepfather Jason Gagnon. 
His name is Rene Gagnon.

He was born in New Hampshire, and grew up without a father. He worked with his Mother at a shoe mill, until 1943 when he was drafted into the U.S. Marines during WWII. His girlfriend, whose photograph he tucked into his hat before he headed to battle and whom he later married, was Pauline Harnois. When people talked about him later,  they described him as a nice guy - but especially fun to go get drinks with because the girls would just flock to him and his 'movie star' looks. After training, he landed with his unit at Iwo Jima. This battle was horrifically bloody, and the Marine's lost a third of their total losses during WWII within these few days. It was truly awful. The things these men went through and saw and experienced make my heart ache for them. It's something I don't think anyone could understand unless they went through it. However, even with the tragic losses, the U.S was triumphant, and Rene was able to take part, along with six other men, in the second raising of the US flag on Mount Suribachi. He appears (atleast his arm and his leg, haha. He's the front of the back two guys) in one of the most famous photographs in US history - the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima.

Isn't that so cool? I've known this for a while, ever since I saw the memorial in Arlington based off the photograph, but I'm ashamed to say I never researched into the guy tied to my family until now.
So, to learn more, I read Flags of our Fathers written by James Bradley, the son of one of the men. It is so good. It follows the lives of the six men who raised the flag, and the background both behind the photograph and behind the battle. Be prepared for a tear jerker!
The most powerful part that stood out to me, though, is how these young men were normal people. Many of them were my age or younger, there were a few as young as 15 years old. They had families back home who loved them, jobs, girlfriends, strengths, weaknesses, worries, fears.
The thing that stood out to me was how this photo, to two of the three survivors from the photograph, didn't mean anything. They felt the true heroes were their comrades in battle, the brave men whose faces we don't know, who fought and struggled, and the medics who risked their lives to help the wounded and dying. I am not describing this half as well as it deserves, so I recommend reading the book. What I can say, though, is how much I really love these young men who gave so much for their country, and for us. I am honored to have members of my family throughout history having served their country, & freedom. I am so grateful for them! For all of them who are willing to sacrifice... and I am so grateful for my country and the freedoms I am blessed with. I owe them, and my Heavenly Father, my thanks!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Reapin' the Rewards!

The future is looking super bright right now....
because working hard has paid off!
I LOVE when that happens!
Don't get me wrong, working out every day has been hard to do - pretty much every day I almost convince myself not to do it. But the important thing is that I always do it anyways!
I do have to admit though - having a gym  located on the Navy base by my house definitely helps the motivation factor. ;)
 It's definitely paid off - I got down to 117 lbs today. Woohoo! Haven't seen that number since 9th grade (:
But it's not the numbers that I really care about.
I feel so good.
I have so much more energy!
The days of waking up groggy, staying in my pj's all day, and not being able to snap out of the grogginess are gone (or atleast significantly decreased, haha).
Instead I'm alot more alert and I'm able to work harder, focus more, and just feel so awesome!
It's also a total confidence booster.
It helps soo much with stress. So, so, so, so much.
It also helps me have a more positive outlook on life. When things look kinda tough or depressing, exercise helps me get my anxiety out and somehow makes me feel better. I can be a total stress case, so it's definitely helped me chill. It's also made me feel happier. Must be those lovely endorphins (: 
Man, exercising is the best! It is super hard, but just make yourself do it, and I promise you within a week you will feel so much better about yourself and about life.
Don't get me wrong, it's all about attitude. Losing weight and getting toned isn't going to magically make your life amazing. But feeling stronger and better about yourself, and better being able to handle the challenges of life because you work out? Now that is definitely an improvement, and worth the hard work!
I'm so grateful for my healthy body, and am dedicated to keep working to take better care of it.
and that's it, for today (:

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I love winter break!
Working out every day - either weights or running for an hour
feels sorely superb (:
reading awesome books
such as Mere Christianity (C.S. Lewis is THE BEST)
and 1776 (David McCullough + American history = awesome)
going on dates! Woohoo!
super fun, but potentially embarassing moments
(such as when you have a great time, then get home,
and realize your zipper has been down... most likely all day. lovely)
hot chocolate in historic downtown Fredericksburg
painting & mosaics
hanging up my art pieces & paintings in my room, from various artists & mediums & time periods
so fun (:
although completely cramped. I have no room for anything... I'm having memories of living in my Grandparent's basement, with nowhere to put anything. Sigh.
and, of course, crying over really stupid things like not having anywhere to put anything.
 Kind of an emotional time. I feel bad for my future husband at times like this.
Luckily I'm worth it, (hope that doesn't sound prideful, I don't mean it prideful at all)
 but I sure hope I'm not going to be one of those super emotional, moody pregnant women.
Anyways, after that random tangent,
working at frozen yogurt, which I am completely addicted to, by the way. It is so delicious!
having the kids back - so fun!
being slightly impatient for some things... I'm a very patient person, but it's tough to wait!
and... it's FINALLY cold and snowing! Yay!
 VA weather has the funniest timing... toasty 50 degree Christmas, then two weeks later it's snowing and super duper cold. It's funky.
and that's a two second blurb of my life
Please excuse the terrible grammar... I should probably use more proper English.
the end for now!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2 0 1 2

Hurray for 2012! Woohoo!
2011 was a super awesome, but super tough year. I can't believe how much my life has changed since January 1st, 2011, three hundred and sixty five days ago. It's wild.
I've learned so much, and have had so many awesome experiences, and have grown a ton!
There are so many awesome things coming ahead.
These last few weeks have been an awesome pre kickstart to the new year
working out at least an hour every day,
& having courage to really open up and be myself
It's amazing what a difference it makes when you choose to be the hero in your life story!
Also looking forward to some fun dates, with some awesome people!
and having that funny feeling when you unexpectedly miss someone when their gone
and am kind of nervous and looking forward to them coming back (:

I wonder what I'll think, looking back at this year, three hundred and sixty five days from now.
I have a hunch a ton is going to happen, and that it will be pretty awesome!
My New Years resolutions are pretty simple, and realistic, and great!

1. Kneel and pray at least one meaningful, sincere, heartfelt prayer every day
2. Read/study my scriptures each day
3. Workout every day (except Sunday)
4. Do at least eight big new things that I have never done before (:
5. Be a really good friend & help others

Fairly simple, definitely do-able, and I'm super pumped to accomplish them!
Also keep doing well in school (I'm soo happy with the grades I got)
and keep working hard in all my duties
and appreciating the miracles & awesome things that happen each day
& appreciating all the amazing people in my life
and most of all, appreciating the gospel, and my Savior, and the truths I have in my life
Man, I am so blessed.
Yay for a new year!