Friday, September 28, 2012

those days

kinda crazy, just woke up, stressed day hair.. haha

You know those days.
Where pretty much everything just seems to go wrong.
At work.. at school.
even driving. Just random bummer things keep happening?
And then, of course, it happens on those days where your extra emotional.
And that makes it extra hard not to fall into the pity-party pit of despair..
 This week has held a few of those days.

Sometimes all you can do is cry, call your Mom, and go buy a pair of teal pants.
Then you can say a prayer, and just keep on moving.
you can always see the bright side of life again after that (:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I've decided that I'm going to get Captain America baptized and marry him, after he goes on a mission of course. It will save me so much trouble!
Seriously, if anyone has advice with dating (or even just talking to) guys you could possibly really care about, and letting other guys know their awesome friends in a really, really kind, not awkward way, please let me know. Asap. 

Besides those crazy experiences which I won't go into, life has been so great. 
I feel like I've covered all the basic things in the past, and would just be repeating myself on how great SVU is, for all the reasons I've said before. But here are some random things maybe not so many people know!

First - the stairs to The Lofts. Yes, I live in the majestic Lofts, on top of the hill. It has a gorgeous view, overlooking the whole campus and valley. It's also a great place to live, and is a million times better then the guy's dorms. However, this awesome abode comes with a steep price - a staircase that is  f o r e v e r  long. No matter how athletically muscled your body is, at the top of those steps you will be out of breath. Seriously. Add on a 15+ lb backpack and you've got one serious workout. There is one great perk, however, and that is that I'm getting some great definition in my legs! Haha.

Second, the people. I feel trite saying everyone here is so friendly and fun, because I've said it so many times. But it's so true. I love how people sincerely smile and say hi when they walk by, even if you don't know them. There are also so many amazingly talented people. Honestly. This weekend my friends and I got a private concert from this guy. I was expecting him to be pretty good, like someday he  might develop into a really professional, good artist. Hearing him pretty much awestruck those expectations! It was so good. It was like hearing someone such as Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz play in person. So much emotion & great rhythm, pretty melody & just so, so good! Seriously, go check out his music! The band is called elephant shortcut. The song 'two toned' is my favorite, I completely relate (: Anyways, that is another thing I love about SVU, and just people in general! You would never guess how much talent & potential is in that person sitting right next to you in class, or walking toward you across campus. It's just so cool!

I am so blessed. There are so many people who are just such awesome examples & fun friends & so much to do and learn and experience. I am so, so blessed. (:  
Alrighty, I've written enough for now. Off to do homework (: life is great!

roses from the parking lot (:

the stairs!

silly mood (:

Saturday, September 15, 2012

life of a knight (:

So the last week has pretty much been the
College life is so fun (:
Classes have been amazing! I can't decide which one class is my favorite.. probably Spanish (mucho loco, right? haha) or Western Political Theory. Or Institute, of course! Or Math, even more surprisingly. Last week we got to bring pineapples to class.. for math. Yeah, it's legit. haha. My Professor is from Germany, and she is such a fun lady. She reminds me of my Farmor (:
In the times when we're not studying, or working out, or eating, or sleeping, my friends & I do all kinds of fun things!
Like hang out with our unofficial ping pong club.
Or go to parties (honor code friendly, of course). or laugh at Raquel cheering"Let's Go Boys!!" at the top of her lungs at soccer games. or dancing & chilling at concerts. or painting faces & cheering at football games! or dressing up & heading out to the dances. or we just hang out and talk about boys & random stuff.
It is soo fun (:
I also got a job, finally! And my boss is a slightly scary but really sweet lady. We're becoming friends! 
This weekend we went to the VMI Parade! That was so fun!
It was really cool to see - they do some of the same training routines & exercises (not sure what their officially called) with their guns that the troops in the 1700s learned.
They also marched up and down the field, and had a big marching band.
My awesome friends & I started talking to some of the cadets during the parade, and we learned some cool things about VMI! And about them! I guess it's a much different experience being in the parade then on the sidelines, haha. I'm glad we could talk to them!
Anyways, it was super fun, and in the end we got some pictures to memorialize the great afternoon.
It has been a great week (:

go knights! (:

cute friends! & I suck at taking pictures! poor Raquel.. haha

Funny story - I wanted a picture just me with them. So I awkwardly walked around, trying to figure out how I could position myself to make the picture look okay! Suddenly the NY cadet said "Hey! How about we carry you?" Thus this picture was born!

cute friends (:

ow ow!

chapel @ VMI

the parade (:

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

SVU Days (:

It's the first day of classes today!!
SVU has been amazing, ever since I moved in.
It's absolutely beautiful. The rolling hills, the fog in the morning, the awesome view from the Lofts...
My roommates. Their super cute, fun girls - really different from each other, but really fun.
My first class this morning. I was soo nervous for Spanish. I had a pretty intimidating experience with it at Mary Wash. But my Professor turned out to be this really cute, friendly old man, who is not intimidating (phewf!).
We're going to begin class each morning by singing a hymn in Spanish. How awesome is that?? I love having the gospel in my everyday classes, and being able to feel the Spirit wherever I go.
That class couldn't have gone better (:

There have been a few awkward moments -
Like, the very first dinner I eat here, the person from my past came and sat right at my table! Awkward! Really, what are the chances? Even at SVU? Haha. But she was super nice, and it hasn't been awkward since!
Also, I ran into a guy I went on a few dates with last summer at the YSA branch. I went up to talk to him, because it's good to see a familiar face! And we were friends back then. I always liked him as a friend, nothing more! Anyways, he was nice to me, but seemed rather uncomfortable ... and then he introduced me to this really pretty girl next to him, who turned out to be his wife. She was really nice too, but seemed like she thought I was going to try and steal him away or something. That was so awkward! I would never, ever do anything like that, obviously.. even if I had been completely infatuated with him. And we were just friends in the first place! But ever since then he's totally ignored me.
I guess that was my first experience with that really, really awkward feeling that comes in situations like that.. haha.
I promise, when I'm married, I'm definitely going to be kind to the people I went on dates with! And not be awkward!

Aside from those awkward moments and those cheesy get to know you games they always play with new students, school has been awesome.
I'm so excited for my classes - jogging, Western Democracy, College Comp, Math.. okay, not so much Math. But I met my professor there as well, and she was the sweetest lady ever too. She gave me a hug after I met with her! So I know she'll be happy to help me, and my mathematically-challenged brain.

I'm especially excited for Institute, and football games! 

Another awesome thing is Lexington, which is about 10 minutes away from Buena Vista.
It is the prettiest town! It feels like a mix of Fredericksburg and Boston to me.. the streets are very twisty and beautiful, with lots of cozy little shops.
Washington & Lee University & Virginia Military Institute are there, right next to eachother.
Today while job hunting I took a few hours to explore those campuses too.
Their also very beautiful!
VMI looks like a castle - it's so cool.
All the cadets wearing their uniforms are extremely handsome, and super polite.
They always tip their hat and say hi quite charmingly when I walk by!
It's so fun (:

And now, off to class again (: SVU is great!

Soccer game w/ the roomies (: We won!

My cute little bed, with no pictures on the corkboard.. yet.

first day (: