Sunday, September 4, 2011

Brothers, Dinosaurs, Homework, Oh My!

Today was Isaac's 14th birthday, so we headed down to Washington DC for a trip to the Smithsonian (: It was bursting with people. But I saw a t rex, stegosaurus, the Hope Diamond... pretty dang cool.
School's great. I love it. Brief description:

History of Western Art is cool. We sit, watch powerpoints while the professor lectures.. yeah. Homework isn't too bad. Massively huge, heavy, expensive textbook. A lot of really cool insights into historic art.. I have learned so much already. Did you know the Assyrians were very dominating over the nations they conquered? But the Persians, instead of destroying their fallen cultures, had them integrate their culture with their own nations. Art is used in so many ways - to show power, to glorify or demonize an individual or idea, as a form of propoganda, to make people think and view things in a certain way. It's fascinating. It really impacts us more then we know.Oh, can you say college textbooks are money pits? Yeah. Forgot to mention that!

My first year American History seminar turned out to be about John Ford! Haha! He's a movie director from the early 1900's - silent film to sound. He was a crusty man, a very interesting fellow. So I'm learning a ton about Westerns and Hollywood, John Ford and John Wayne, in that time era.. interesting! We mostly get to watch movies, and read a 600 page book in a week. The people in it are pretty tight.

My other American History turned out to be about Architecture and Historic Preservation! Haha! So I guess so much for taking the type of history I was expecting (: But this class is super cool! Again, it is fascinating. Just opens my eyes up to so many things. Like how windows are almost always placed above other windows in multiple story houses? That's because glass is not enough support to hold a solid brick wall - it would crush the glass! Fairly simple principle, but I never thought about that - or any type of architectural thoughts- ever before. It's fascinating!

My favorite class is Design Principles. It's a rather intense art class, and I am SOO excited! A ton of work, super intense projects, but I know I'm going to learn a ton. The professor is a character! He has a handlebar mustache, with curly ends. He reminds me of Davy, the kid I went to prom with my senior year. On the first day of class, he wore a t shirt with a skull on it.. and on the t shirt was a matching mustache! Hahaha. It made me laugh so hard (: But yeah, my first homework was to write a Bucket List 100 goals long that I want to do while I'm alive. How fun (and easy) is that? The reasoning is to understand a piece of art from the artist's view, we need to know what inspires them. Knowing what a person's goals are give you a great deal of insight into what kind of person an individual is, I think. Anyways, that and look up 3 contemporary artists. I've only looked at one so far, Xu Bing, but his work is incredible. It's safe to say I'm already in love with this class. It is wonderful.

Other then that, life is also going great. Hollister was recruiting at Mary Wash, and I got asked to get an interview. So my interview went pretty great. They said I got hired, but she said she hired everyone in the group (they do group interviews). So I'm just waiting for a call.. we'll see if she really does hire me or not! That would be so great, no more mopping or mustard or food (: Wow! It's also much closer to school, friends, the branch, ect. which would be so convenient. If it works out, I would definitely miss Subways though. I've grown quite fond of the people there! But we'll see what happens.

Church is awesome. Sadly, I haven't been in 2 weeks, and I feel awful about it! Last week was the hurricane and today the family sporradically planned the DC trip.. after their sacrament, but before the YSA. So I had to miss it :'(. I got a new calling - FHE Co-Coordinator. I'll basically help plan Family Home Evening activities, and when the current gal leaves on her mission, the plan is for me to take her spot. Intimidating? Scary? Exciting? All of the above. I feel honored, and excited, and although I personally do not feel qualified right now, I'm going to do my best and let the Lord do the rest.

Also - last tidbit for tonight - the car stuff worked out! Dad decided to sell me his Tiburon. He looked up the price of how much they could sell it for now, and cut it in half - (since they offered to pay for half of my car for college) so now I am officially making payments toward the Tiburon. It's an awesome deal! Way sweet car, for a great price! It's so fun to drive, and will be reliable, good transportation, with great gas mileage. Thank you, Mommy and Dad!

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