Thursday, January 5, 2012


I love winter break!
Working out every day - either weights or running for an hour
feels sorely superb (:
reading awesome books
such as Mere Christianity (C.S. Lewis is THE BEST)
and 1776 (David McCullough + American history = awesome)
going on dates! Woohoo!
super fun, but potentially embarassing moments
(such as when you have a great time, then get home,
and realize your zipper has been down... most likely all day. lovely)
hot chocolate in historic downtown Fredericksburg
painting & mosaics
hanging up my art pieces & paintings in my room, from various artists & mediums & time periods
so fun (:
although completely cramped. I have no room for anything... I'm having memories of living in my Grandparent's basement, with nowhere to put anything. Sigh.
and, of course, crying over really stupid things like not having anywhere to put anything.
 Kind of an emotional time. I feel bad for my future husband at times like this.
Luckily I'm worth it, (hope that doesn't sound prideful, I don't mean it prideful at all)
 but I sure hope I'm not going to be one of those super emotional, moody pregnant women.
Anyways, after that random tangent,
working at frozen yogurt, which I am completely addicted to, by the way. It is so delicious!
having the kids back - so fun!
being slightly impatient for some things... I'm a very patient person, but it's tough to wait!
and... it's FINALLY cold and snowing! Yay!
 VA weather has the funniest timing... toasty 50 degree Christmas, then two weeks later it's snowing and super duper cold. It's funky.
and that's a two second blurb of my life
Please excuse the terrible grammar... I should probably use more proper English.
the end for now!

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