Sunday, January 1, 2012

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Hurray for 2012! Woohoo!
2011 was a super awesome, but super tough year. I can't believe how much my life has changed since January 1st, 2011, three hundred and sixty five days ago. It's wild.
I've learned so much, and have had so many awesome experiences, and have grown a ton!
There are so many awesome things coming ahead.
These last few weeks have been an awesome pre kickstart to the new year
working out at least an hour every day,
& having courage to really open up and be myself
It's amazing what a difference it makes when you choose to be the hero in your life story!
Also looking forward to some fun dates, with some awesome people!
and having that funny feeling when you unexpectedly miss someone when their gone
and am kind of nervous and looking forward to them coming back (:

I wonder what I'll think, looking back at this year, three hundred and sixty five days from now.
I have a hunch a ton is going to happen, and that it will be pretty awesome!
My New Years resolutions are pretty simple, and realistic, and great!

1. Kneel and pray at least one meaningful, sincere, heartfelt prayer every day
2. Read/study my scriptures each day
3. Workout every day (except Sunday)
4. Do at least eight big new things that I have never done before (:
5. Be a really good friend & help others

Fairly simple, definitely do-able, and I'm super pumped to accomplish them!
Also keep doing well in school (I'm soo happy with the grades I got)
and keep working hard in all my duties
and appreciating the miracles & awesome things that happen each day
& appreciating all the amazing people in my life
and most of all, appreciating the gospel, and my Savior, and the truths I have in my life
Man, I am so blessed.
Yay for a new year!

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