Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Tuesdays


Going on a date, having a great time, then getting home and realizing your zipper has been down - most likely all day. Lovely.
First day of class, and thinking the teacher is calling on you, so you start talking, then to realize she called on the person right behind you. Not too bad, until it happens almost every time.. consecutively through the entire class. haha.
Proceeding to explain why not being able to grow facial hair on a guy is a blessing, then suddenly realize the guy your talking to is growing a beard.. oops


Starting second semester of school! On a much easier note this time - we have electricity and running water. Makes life a lot easier :)
Priesthood Blessings. (this one deserves much more explanation and higher ranking on the awesome scale, but these aren't in any particular order :)
Granola, yogurt, and hummus sandwiches. Yum!
Going to battlefields and seeing Confederate & Union trenches! SO awesome. I live in the coolest place, ever!
Amazon.com for textbooks!! Which I am SO grateful I am using, forever! Double awesome!
I'm totally a savvy college student now! ;)
Mere Christianity... and C.S. Lewis in general
Superhero movies
Working out!

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