Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sometimes my life is an adventure.

Sometimes I listen to Andrea Bocelli & Swedish music in my car, and sing along. It makes me so happy and so in awe of such amazing talent. Bocelli is incredible. His songs take me dancing to beautiful villas in Italy, with lots of soft glowing lights, the crashing ocean, and red roses. Especially his song "Besame Mucho". I just wish I understood the words he was saying :) Someday I'll learn Swedish... and maybe Italian, haha.
This week has been so insane! Yesterday was the LDS dance up by the Naval Academy in Maryland. It was so fun! It was a great time dancing, meeting new people, talking, and just laughing. It was so fun to just let my hair loose and have fun before finals this week. Afterwards, however, was quite the adventure...
So my four great friends and I carpooled to the dance. The dance ended around 11:30, and afterwards we were kinda hungry! So we embarked to find the nearest Ihop. Despite my lovely GPS's directions, we just could not find it anywhere! So after searching for about 40 minutes, we decided to just head home. As we were headed home, we got this phone call from some fellow friends in the branch. Turns out their car tire had blown! They were stuck on the side of the road, and were calling for help - specifically, a jack to change their tire. So we headed out to help them. Finally we reached their car, and they tried changing the tire... in the pouring rain.. and the jack wouldn't work. Sad day! So we waited with them for a bit while they called a tow truck, and finally decided they were going to be safe and sound, if a bit wet, so we headed out again.
By then it was about 2 in the morning, and we had another problem - Rey and I had to go to the bathroom! The situation was getting desperate, sorry too much information haha, so we searched for anywhere that was open... and the only place that was open didn't have a bathroom. So we attempted to get back on the Interstate.... and my friend took the turn a bit too fast :/ We ended up zooming straight forward instead of turning onto the road, and promptly ran right over a street sign!
Luckily nobody was hurt, we were all okay and there weren't any injuries. But the car was pretty beat up, the whole front passenger side was pretty crushed. So, obviously, we were stuck. I felt so bad for my friend, it was completely an accident & those things happen, I just felt bad for her poor car :/ But we ended up having a few hours of serious bonding time, and it ended up being a bit fun - okay, maybe not fun, but we definitely made the best of it! We had some great  bonding moments, laughing over all the ridiculous events of the night, and just talking about some pretty crazy things... lots of secrets come out at 3 in the morning haha. My friend and I ended up having to trek barefoot across the freeway to an obliging forest for the call of nature, which was a crazy adventure by itself with the rain, mud, and apprehension of creepy crawly things in the dark, but we made it!
We all survived, and just ended up waiting an hour or so for her brother and sister to come pick us up. Finally they got there, and we packed into the warm, safe car to head back home. One of my most absolute favorite feelings in the world is sleeping in a warm car at night - it's weird I know, but it is just so cozy and feels so safe, ha. Anyways, we got back to Fredericksburg, and I finally drove the last stretch home. I ended up walking in the door and falling into bed at 5 in the morning...
Yeah, it was a crazy weekend. Life always throws the craziest things out, haha.
It was really fun though :) Definitely never boring!
I am just so grateful that we made it home safe, and that I have such good friends. Their great people!

Today was a beautiful sunny Sunday, church was awesome, and it's a gorgeous evening for a walk :) So the end, for now!

dock at the river (:

it's so peaceful!

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