Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Surprise (:

This week has been super fun! Where do I even start? Let's see..
Well, we went to Monticello, and that was incredible. Thomas Jefferson is awesome. It was so fun to spend time with the kids, and one of my favorite hobbies is visiting historic sites, so that day was great (:
Before you continue reading, I will apologize in advance - I'm super tired right now! So I'm not going into too many details. And I probably am not making much sense...But something is better then nothing, right? Atleast in blogging, anyways...
Back to the story
So Sunday was awesome! I adore the new ward. The descriptions of them are very cliche, being super nice, funny, and easy to talk to, but it's very true (: They've made me feel very welcome! During sacrament meeting, it was fast Sunday and I forgot to fast :(, but this random guy came and sat by me, and encouraged me to go bear my testimony! So I did! Wild, right? I totally live on the edge.. haha. Of course I got up and forgot everything I was going to say, but it was cool. And it turned out to be a great way to start a ward, by introducing yourself that way. What better way to start a new leaf? So that was way funny! The rest of the day was great too, just talking and getting to know people better, and their lessons are all awesome. I am very blessed and excited to be a part of this ward (:
So then 4th of July - woohoo! Happy Independence Day, America! I love you dearly! It was great! Pancake breakfast with the family and their home ward, then chillin' like a villain at home taking my brothers fishing, then a karaoke party and bbq for lunch.. that was interesting, haha. Kind of sensory overload at some points, my head didn't stop spinning for hours, but it was super fun (: Then that night we went to Dahlgren for fireworks! Well, I was talkin' to my new friend from Sunday, and it turns out his family was out of town for the 4th! So he came and spent the 4th of us - he missed the big fireworks because he got lost (Ok- seriously, where has this guy been all my life? Haha!) So we ended up doing our own wimpy ones on our driveway later that night so he could have the 4th experience!
Then today, I basically spent the day with my friend, Matt! It was super fun! He's a great guy - super funny and just seems like a very, very good person. We went and got ice cream, walked around downtown Fredericksburg, bought a Civil War bullet for my Dad (: , swung on swings, and watched a movie! AND we are going to see the midnight showing of HARRY POTTER! WOOHOOO!!! (: I'm SO excited!! Haha (: So it was super duper fun! I am so lucky to have such amazing people in my life, and the opportunity to get to know more (: As long as I get over the fact that I'm officially starting to go on dates with college guys... weird! Haha, I am definitely weirded out by that! I feel as young as ever (: But whatever! It's great!

So.. that's basically this past week, or the interesting parts at least! I'm lovin' Virginia. It's fun (: I just am praying a job works out soon... I don't know what I'm going to do when the kids go out of town! But, anyways, that is the end for now! The end of last week, and the beginning of this week (: Kind of.. it's Tuesday. haha, ok, enough philosophizing. Goodbye for now!

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