Sunday, July 24, 2011


Grins (:
This week has been... what should I call it? A party week? I feel like I've done nothing productive, aside from read this incredible book - Finding Peace, Joy, and Happiness, by Elder Richard G. Scott. It's incredible. I strongly recommend it to anyone. It is fantastic.. honestly, some of the things have changed my life. Aside from that awesomeness, it's definitely been a party since last I wrote. I went on a date on Thursday with this great guy, John! It was super fun! We went and saw a movie, then had a picnic by a river in downtown Fred. I made delicious apple crisp and we had pb&j (: He showed me some songs he wrote on his guitar, and he's way good! He actually has a song on itunes - it's called lovely attraction. It's way cute, I recommend going and buying it, because it helps with his college fund and it's an adorable song! We also had a very brief photoshoot, which was interesting.. I never knew how goofy I look when I laugh, haha. I'm definitely more of a fan being behind the camera then in front of it! We got some fun pictures though!
Then Friday, it was too hot to do anything! Seriously. I walked outside, and my glasses fogged up.. it was what, 105 degrees? Including humidity, it felt like 115. It was intense. So I stayed home and read, practiced piano, read some more, drove Dexter some places with the a/c full blast.. yeah. It was great though. Watched Anastasia and A Walk to Remember (: Oh, and worked out! Finally got my kick butt workout dvd, so I've been pleasantly sore all week (: Then Saturday, went on another date with Matt! It was the one year anniversary of his baptism, which was way sweet. It was super fun. We went and toured this incredible mansion from the Industrial Revolution in Richmond, that has some of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen! It had these cool trails and just GORGEOUS scenery. It was wow. Honestly. They also had a cute museum with fish and turtles, that was way cool! Then we went to the mall for ice cream and to chill. Afterwards, we went to the drive in movies - they played Zookeeper and the last Harry Potter. Sitting on the hood of the car, under the stars with the milky way in sight, with yummy popcorn and a fun date? It made for a fantastic night! Seriously, so awesome! We had some interesting conversations on the way back.. haha! I was kinda surprised. But it was totally comfortable and fun (: Then today, church was great! As it always is. I'm so grateful for the gospel. So.. yeah (: There's a few days in the life of Whit! Not too exciting. I'm very, very blessed! Got some great things to look forward to for this week.
I truly love life (:

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