Monday, June 27, 2011

My Cute Car (:

My cool "Mary Wash" bumper sticker

I can finally hang my graduation tassle! Just for the summer, of course

Washin' the hubcaps (:

Cute, pantless Peter...

Meet... Franklin (: Named after Benjamin Franklin. Haha. He's my "new" 1990 Toyota Camry. He's a stick shift, and is very reliable and retro, and has a lot of personality - hence the namesake. He's my baby (: Ok, I'm done with my attempt at carspeak. I've found I really, really enjoy driving stick surprisingly. It's a power rush (: It's great! I'm so excited.Woohoo! Freedom!


  1. I love your new car! Yay! Driving stick really does come in handy ;) Franklin uh?! Love it! Hope I get to meet him one day. So happy for you Whitney!

  2. got a CAR!! Whoohoooo!! I am so excited and happy for you!! :-) I love the name Franklin!!!! Have tons of fun with your new friend! Love ya!