Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wild Adventures..

Ok, little did I know when I moved to Virginia what a wild ride I was in for! This weekend has been awesome(: Thursday I went to Steak n' Shake for lunch with my new friend/twin sister Kristy, which is basically the Eastern coast version of In n' Out. It was so funny! We walked around downtown Fredericksburg for a few hours, and laughed hysterically at the funny Irish jokes and other random things (: It's so funny how many things we have in common, she is literally like a twin sister from another mister. It's wild! Then that night I went on a date with my friend, Matt! He had this genius idea of watching HP part 1 before the midnight showing, and I had this genius idea of painting our faces (: So we did both! We painted our faces half red half gold, with a gold "HP" on the red side (: We looked awesome! And it was a total blast! I would put up pictures, but my camera is broken, so their all on his :( But it was seriously a blast. Turns out both our favorite candies are Reeses pieces.. yeah, it was great! Except, so we get to the movie theatre, and unbeknownst to me I accidently leave my headlights on... for the first time EVER, I always remember to turn them off... so we get out of the movies around 2, and get to my car, and bam! The battery is dead! Crap! Haha. So we asked some fellow HP fans for jumper cables, and they were super nice and helped us out. It was quite hilarious! Very, very embarassing, but hilarious! Got home around 3, and crashed. Super, duper fun day (:

Matt and I! Huge height difference, and I did a wee bit neater job of painting (: Haha
 I can't believe Harry Potter is over! I grew up adoring the books,  anxiously waiting for the next one to come out, just to read it as fast as I could, and reread it a few times until the next one came out. It's so sad that the movies are finally over :'( The 7th is my favorite book, and part 2 is now my favorite movie out of the series. A childhood set is finally over... it's a little symbolic to me of my turning a new leaf in my life ;) Ok, that was super cheesy. Also, a call out to Steve, Amber, Allie, and the other Madrigals! Wish I could have seen your all's (uh oh, Southern accent coming in...noo!) reaction to the movie! And Steve, I thoroughly wish I could have had my wand.. alas, it was not to be! Love you guys! And love my life (: I am so blessed!

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