Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Procrastinating Packing (:

I know this is like my zillionth blog post this week.
 But the last day in DC in a long while is worth sharing a few pictures (:
and I am totally procrastinating packing... haha.
So there.
My friend (& leader) gave me this awesome book by Pres. Monson,
which is a collection of discourses called Pathways to Perfection.
It's amazing, of course.
It also has an awesome quote to accompany the day & DC pictures (:
Which is...

You will meet sin -- shun it.
You inherit freedom - protect it.
You have a testimony - share it.
You know the truth - live it.

I wanted a cute picture of my brothers and I, and they were not cooperating... haha

I think it's funny their doing these goofy things, while I look the exact same in each one.. haha

yeah, this was the last valiant attempt.

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  1. YAY.. I think I finally figured out how to be able to comment on your blog..only a year late!! :( Looks like you guys had a blast in DC! Your pictures are great and thank so much for sharing that beautiful quote!! Excited to see you!!