Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Things I've Learned As An Adult (and throughout life in general lately)

  • Whether I decide to agree with it or not, what is right is right, and even if sometimes I like to think so, my opinion isn't going to change it. It's much better to be true to what I know is true.
  • Declarations of love between boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other on facebook are tacky 99.999% of the time (I'll give a .001% chance for one nontacky incidence, but I've yet to see it.. and am quite skeptical of ever witnessing it. Haha)
  • Owning my own set of markers makes me feel grown up (not sure why... it turned into a sentimental moment for me for some reason.)
  • It's possible to get blisters when cutting York mints
  • Carrying frozen yogurt can build strong muscles
  • Baby chicks make the most lovely little peeping noises I've ever heard
  • Unintentionally driving through downtown DC on St. Patricks day in rush hour traffic can be super stressful, but I am capable of doing it and surviving, and even still having a great time :)
  • I'll never regret putting the Lord & people I love first
  • It feels so good to work out! Mentally, physically, emotionally.. it's just great. I recommend it.
  • A smile is a great way to improve your looks
  • Think twice, drive nice! (saw that on a bumper sticker and I enthusiastically support that)
There's my bits of wisdom for today.

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  1. whitney! you always take the most gorgeous photos! i love it:)