Thursday, March 1, 2012

Awkward.. and Awesome (:


Doing well on midterms..
Hiking date this weekend...
March Madness General Conference talks...
Only 3 more months until summer...
My birthday is in 3 weeks...
Dance up at the Naval Academy in a month...
and awesomest of all,
Spring Break!!!
Woot woot (:
I'm soo excited for summer.
I love how my skin gets super warm from the sun
and waking up early to run when it's cool outside, but warm at the same time? if that makes any sense
and being tan and going to the beach... and doing so many fun things!
Now that is awesome!
Also  I'm going to be 19. Soon.
I'll officially be as old as my mother was when I was born.
That's weird!
Life is lookin' good!


I don't have any crazy stories to share, so I thought I would share some hilarious family pictures!
(from the web- not my family)
I guess it's slightly awkward to try not to, but being completely unsuccessful, in not laughing too hard in the library.. hahaha... oh well... gotta love awkward family photos. Enjoy! (:

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