Thursday, September 19, 2013

I loved this.


this corn is incredible. we're growing it in our garden - it's some special type that creates these stunning little kernels that look like tiny colorful gems. one of the most beautiful things in nature I've ever seen! my mom made garlands of them that are going across our mantelpieces and fireplaces. so pretty. (:

I simply love getting mission clothes. It's been so fun!

I found the last thing on my list for AZ - a raincoat. I'm probably silly, but I think it's one of the things I've been most excited for, haha. It's soo comfy, has these cool zippers and nifty pockets everywhere, and the best part: those cool sleeve inserts that has the perfect little hole for your thumb. it was a raincoat made in heaven.

I loved this. and this.

Making : wonderful plans, and goals. The future is so exciting right now...
Cooking : egg whites with cherry tomatoes and italian seasoning, and sprinkling salt and oregano on celery... I've finally found a way to make even celery taste delicious - add italian seasoning. I add it to everything now. Eating healthy has never tasted better. (even though I sorta blew it today with my Mom's chocolate chip peanut butter cookies today... dang it.)
Drinking : fresh strawberry kefir. (:
Reading: the Book of Mormon... start to finish, before the beginning of my mission. Gosh, I love that book.
Wanting: more time to just lay in bed and sleep, with the sun coming through the window and everything peaceful.
Looking: through the window to the gorgeous landscape that is my home, in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. It is so beautiful.
Playing: the tunes of Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong, while relaxing at home today. They make me feel so cozy and homey.
Wasting: away a few hours watching Jericho. Except it's not really wasting time... because I'm with my Mom, and it's something I look forward to every week amid the stresses of work and planning and everything else that's life right now. It's probably the best tv show I've ever seen - and I never watch tv. I'm shamelessly addicted. and there are only two episodes left... oh, my poor, poor heart.
Sewing: one button, on my coat for my mission. a girl's gotta start her sewing skills somewhere.
Wishing: I hadn't eaten those peanut butter cookies today. Why is it every time I eat junk food I feel sick after? I always tell myself afterwards, oh my gosh, I am never doing that again. And then the next time the junk food appears I somehow forget everything I told myself, and do the same thing over again. Hopefully blogging about it will make it stick this time around, haha.
Enjoying: my time with my family, and all the new, exciting things I'm preparing for and looking forward to.
Waiting: for.... well, nothing really. I feel very content. (:
Loving: my days off work.
Hoping: for many lovely things to happen, hopefully within the next few years.
Marvelling: at how blessed I am. I don't know what I did to get such a great life, great family, and great experiences.
Needing: a spontaneous, fun day touring Washington D.C. My heart misses that city. A girl's night would be really nice right now too... it's been way too long since I've had one of those.
Smelling: the cold crisp in the air. It's starting to become fall (: Time to pull out the sweaters, warm blankets, brown boots, and hot chocolate by the fire... My favorite time of the year!
Wearing: the cutest, swirliest polka dot skirt I bought for my mission. (see pictures above). I love dressing like a lady. (:
Noticing: all the cute couples and lovely friends that are getting married, and have gotten married. If you've been wed recently, know that I've stalked all your pictures... love is just so... lovely.
Knowing: that I'm on the right path for my life.
Thinking: that I've thought about wayy too much this past week. I've been thinking till I felt like my thoughts were going to bubble out of my head. I would like to just think about nothing for a little while now. Time to take a page from my brother's book and go fishing, maybe?
Bookmarking: great quotes, especially from C.S. Lewis.
Giggling: with the kids - my brothers & sisters. They make me laugh so hard. (: I'm going to miss them.
Feeling: tired, and peaceful.

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  1. Whitney,
    You are amazing! You are so beautiful and talented!! I am so excited for you to go on your mission, you are going to be the best! I cant wait to write you while you are there. :)
    Love, Shelbi