Monday, March 4, 2013

two am musings & break (:

Sooo, this past week of freedom from school may or may not have started with a bang...
I got more sick then I have been since probably the fifth grade. Bleh.
There's nothing quite like rolling out of bed every hour or so to run to the bathroom so ya don't get sick on the floor.
Isn't it grand? I am just so glad my mom was there - you know your mom loves you when she pulls your hair back when your leaning over being sick, and comes out to help every single time, for the whole night.
Man, am I grateful that's over!
Anyways, it finally ended - and I've finally recovered with a whole day of sleep, & another day of just reading Jane Eyre (what a great story. love Jane.) & watching Pride and Prejudice (Mr. Darcy.... no need to say more) and I feel okay eating more then a few saltines & a can of diet coke :) life is definitely better!

Besides that oh so exciting beginning, we've gotten some exciting news this break! We're getting horses again!!! :) For my & my sister's birthday! I am soo excited!! My heart is so happy. This summer is going to be SO fun - I can't wait to ride & explore & have all sorts of adventures with my horse pal :) In our new house, in beautiful Virginia.... does life get much better then that? I don't think so :)

Which reminds me, I turn 20 in .... 23 days. That's a pretty great, and pretty weird, thought. When I was little, I thought 20 sounded like such a glamorous age...
We'll see what changes in 23 days, but I don't think it will be quite how I expected it to be, haha.
I think it will be an absolutely lovely year though (: and who knows what will happen!

My brain is bursting with all sorts of things to write about... sometimes that happens, and I simply have the hardest time pinning down exactly what I want to write. Right now the swirling topics are dating critiques & tips (from personal experience...), why I love DC (which is something I've written about a bazillion times before... ), a post about a little dream house I have (with all sorts of typical lovely pictures from pinterest, haha) , awkward stories (they never cease to amuse & slightly horrify me.. oh, life), and something about great/inspirational people in my life (past & present).... but it's almost 2 in the morning, and my bed is callin' my name. So those musings will have to wait for another day.

However, this week is gonna be a good one.
Family time, relaxing, watching movies, painting.... sleeping...
and tomorrow, I think I'll go reconnect with the lovely city of Fredericksburg.
Maybe get some froyo, get a haircut, & head up to Quantico to take a peek at the Marine Corps Museum.
Last time I went (almost a year ago, I guess - wow) I didn't get to finish exploring it, and it is suh-weet.

Yup. spring break is great :)

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