Tuesday, January 8, 2013

silly faces and first days of school

…. and this sums up how I feel about being back at school.

It was unbelievably nice being home
chillin’ with my family and friends, sleeping in, working out whenever I wanted, 
painting and watching movies and reading all day…
So, so relaxing.
But now it’s time to hit the books again. And wake up early. And work hard.
And actually be productive! With 5 classes on alternating weekdays, and 3 on the others, it's a busy schedule. Especially with work, and homework, and working out, and trying to have a social life.
The transition from being a total bum to suddenly having this much to do....
It's tiring.

Plus the first few days of school are always so weird, getting back in the swing of things.
However, this time around has been the… least weird I’ve had. 
By far. 
It’s been much better then this first day of school… and this one.. Haha.
So that’s good. SVU really is amazing. I am super grateful to be here. J
When I get re-energized and re-motivated, school will be pretty sweet.
A relaxing break is perfect, but if it went on forever, I would do nothing with my life besides paint and dream.
So school is good, haha.

Some of the best parts so far are....

  • -          My art history class. My professor is incredible. Such a bubbly, interesting, energized lady – and she painted in the Louvre… she’s amazing! I also love the subject, of course.
  • - Reason & Self. Which is studying philosophy – including comparing famous thinkers to Joseph Smith’s writings. Fascinating stuff. My professor in there is also awesome, and makes class super interesting.
  • -       Marriage & family. We get to study all kinds of interesting, fun things J I actually get absorbed when reading the textbook, which is cool.
  • Institute!!!  D&C, with Brother Rasmusson. It's already fantastic. (:
It’s good to see my friends again as well.
So many people left for missions, so there are many more new people then I thought there would be, which is fun. And odd! It feels like I’m coming back to a different SVU. But it’s great.
This is going to be a great semester.

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  1. Sounds like a great start to a wonderful semester! Good for you Whitney :)