Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I've decided that I'm going to get Captain America baptized and marry him, after he goes on a mission of course. It will save me so much trouble!
Seriously, if anyone has advice with dating (or even just talking to) guys you could possibly really care about, and letting other guys know their awesome friends in a really, really kind, not awkward way, please let me know. Asap. 

Besides those crazy experiences which I won't go into, life has been so great. 
I feel like I've covered all the basic things in the past, and would just be repeating myself on how great SVU is, for all the reasons I've said before. But here are some random things maybe not so many people know!

First - the stairs to The Lofts. Yes, I live in the majestic Lofts, on top of the hill. It has a gorgeous view, overlooking the whole campus and valley. It's also a great place to live, and is a million times better then the guy's dorms. However, this awesome abode comes with a steep price - a staircase that is  f o r e v e r  long. No matter how athletically muscled your body is, at the top of those steps you will be out of breath. Seriously. Add on a 15+ lb backpack and you've got one serious workout. There is one great perk, however, and that is that I'm getting some great definition in my legs! Haha.

Second, the people. I feel trite saying everyone here is so friendly and fun, because I've said it so many times. But it's so true. I love how people sincerely smile and say hi when they walk by, even if you don't know them. There are also so many amazingly talented people. Honestly. This weekend my friends and I got a private concert from this guy. I was expecting him to be pretty good, like someday he  might develop into a really professional, good artist. Hearing him pretty much awestruck those expectations! It was so good. It was like hearing someone such as Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz play in person. So much emotion & great rhythm, pretty melody & just so, so good! Seriously, go check out his music! The band is called elephant shortcut. The song 'two toned' is my favorite, I completely relate (: Anyways, that is another thing I love about SVU, and just people in general! You would never guess how much talent & potential is in that person sitting right next to you in class, or walking toward you across campus. It's just so cool!

I am so blessed. There are so many people who are just such awesome examples & fun friends & so much to do and learn and experience. I am so, so blessed. (:  
Alrighty, I've written enough for now. Off to do homework (: life is great!

roses from the parking lot (:

the stairs!

silly mood (:

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