Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Awesome, Awesome Week (:

Well, life since graduation has been a party! It's been so fun! It's funny, I feel like I should feel older, but I don't feel older at all.... am I really mature enough to graduate? (: Haha, just kiddin'! Actually, I think I was very ready! Anyways, it's been so fun. I've been able to spend a ton of time with some of my most favorite people in my life. Partyin' with Allie and Amber, the crazy Madrigals, Kaitlyn, Spencer, and Chris Williams, and not having to work? Plus having lots of time with my family, including my cousin Emilie, who are some of the funniest people I've ever met (: It's been fantastic! I'm going to miss these people so much. Amber and Allie are some of my greatest examples.. I'm so grateful I've been able to get to know them better. Their incredible. If anybody has a sure ticket to heaven, it's them, haha. Anyways. It's been a blast (: I'm going to miss them. A ton. My heart aches just thinking about it... so I won't too long. I'll put up cute pictures instead (:
Supreme Captain Spencer Williams!

Daddy and I at one of our favorite joints (:

One of the funniest, most awesome people in the world!

Cute friends

At Disneyland.. more cute friends (:

At the beginning of the year! We look so little!

Amber and I's clothing experiment..

Hiking! Woot woot
At Seminary Graduation

My cute cousin and I

Percy with the perky butt.. haha

Haden the mighty warrior

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  1. didn't know it was possible to reminisce a whole year in 20 photos. wow. Hope you're having a blast! Don't forget us!