Sunday, March 27, 2011


This years prom was seriously SO FUN! This was definitely one of the funnest dances I've been to, hands down. So many hilarious things happened. First of all, this is my first time EVER wearing fake nails. Weird, right? I know, I'm not quite up to date on all the beauty rituals or whatever. But so the night before, I glued them on. Then I was going to bed. Before I go to bed, I always light candles that smell very nice while I read and relax before I fall asleep. So I light the match, and bend it down to light the wick on fire.. and suddenly, my fake nail catches on fire! Luckily I blew it out REALLY quickly, and no damage was done... aside from warping 2 of my pretty French tipped nails. Hahaha, it scared me half to death (: But man, I am looking forward to getting these off. They are very nice looking, but it's a killer to try and take contacts out with long fingernails!

Anyways. So to start out the day we went and ate a very delicious breakfast. It was very yummy. Waffles, eggs, hashbrowns... and oreos (: Hahaha. Then we went to the color festival! Kayla had a hair appointment, so we didn't think we would have much time. But we drove all the way down there anyways. It was fun having such random, interesting conversations. We also listened to a very.. diverse genre of music! Everything from the Beatles to Indian ragas to Freelance Whales, with Glockenspiels, the piano, banjos, and guitars.. it was so fun! Then we finally arrived at the Lotus Temple. Wow, it was a blast! There is nothing quite like having random strangers pelt you in the face with scented, powdered chalk... and throwing scented, powdered, colorful chalk right back at them! It was so funny, we got a bunch in our eyes, and had a great time. They had Indian bands playing music, and it was a very diverse crowd. Davey seemed to absolutely love it, he crowd surfed for a little bit, and that was hilarious.
Afterward, we went home to get ready. Kayla, unfortunately, missed her hair appointment :( But everyone decided it was worth it... and her hair looked beautiful later!

So then we went to the dance. Davey and my Dad unknowingly went to MiAe's at the same time to pick up the boutonniere and corsage, haha. Before Davey came my great buddy, Chris Williams, stopped by, and we took some funny pictures. I got the boutonniere to stay on on my first try (: We went to The Old Spaghetti Factory and ate delicious pasta and spamoni. When Davey went to pay for the dinner, he whipped out his wallet... which is a pocket sized dictionary he always carries in his pocket! I had to get a picture of him with it, I thought it was so funny. Haha. It was awesome.

Next we left to the dance, and it was great. It was held at the State Capital, and it was so fun to see all my friends all dolled up and dashing in their gowns and tuxes. We danced the night away. It's hard to dance to the music they play at school dances, but we did anyways. Davey and Levi had some epic dance moves! I was laughing the whole night.

After everything was over, we took a little hike down to Memory Grove.. Kayla and I in our heels and gowns. That was an adventure! Haha. But it was a beautiful, starry night and we had a great time. Then off we drove in Davey's silver rental car (his truck was stolen, and his seatbelts in the car earlier were stained from the color festival!) listening to some old jazz. It was excellent music. Then off we were to Coldstones, and afterward to home and our cozy beds we went.

I can honestly say it was one of the funnest dances I've ever been to. No drama, no stress, no worries. It was just totally comfortable and fun.. and hilarious (: Davey was an awesome date, he was very respectful and super easy to talk to.. and can I say funny??? I seriously laughed the entire night. He is also extremely smart. He was just full of random facts. It was great. My group was awesome, Kayla and Levi were so funny. Levi has a really fun sense of humor. It was so fun to spend the whole day with Kayla too (: She is stinkin' hilarious! It was just so, so fun. I was honestly sad when it was over! It was a fantastic final ending to the last high school dance. Yep. It was
great (:

Sorry, my camera takes some really crappy pictures... the flash is WAY too bright. Please bear with me!
Also, I can't figure out how to put them in the right order... So yeah. Just have fun looking I guess (:

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  1. WOW!! It sounds like you had a spectacular Prom!!! You looked absolutely stunning Whitney!! You are so beautiful!! :-) And you picked a gorgeous dress. Your date seems like such a sweet guy! I am so glad that you had such a fun time!! It was so much fun to see your pictures!!