Sunday, February 13, 2011


my dress and I (:

..was SO fun! Ashlee, Mitch, and Spencer in a carpool? What could be better? We had 7? or 8? couples in our group. I felt like a princess eating chicken cordon bleu, much thanks to Allie O's family, and it was delicious! Maybe a little too delicious.. Spencer ate 7 rolls ;) Then off we dashed to the dance, and that was a blast. We definitely danced the night away. Afterwards we went to Amber's house and played a rousing game of Whack a Cracker on the tennis court under the starry sky, Never Have I Ever, and other crazy wild games ;) We also made funfetti waffles! Funfetti cake mix waffles + ice cream + whipped cream and sprinkles = Delicious mouth-watering delights (: It was grand! It was so fun spending time with my friends, and my date was a gentleman. It was the A great grand finale to the last high school dance!

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  1. Whitney..YOU LOOK SO GORGEOUS in your sweethearts dress!! I am so glad that you had so much fun!!! How fun that you have started a blog!! :-) Love you so much!