Monday, August 22, 2011

Oldie Schmoldie

I had fun looking through old pictures the other day, so I decided to put up some more (: I had the best childhood. Roaming the woods, pretending to be horses and lost princesses, writing stories, drawing and painting, catching caterpillars and watching them turn into butterflies... it was wonderful (: Sometimes I miss those days. I'm so glad I made it through middle school ok, and high school was great, but childhood was really the best.
Hannah and Jacob (:

Dexter with Isaac and their model dino in Pennsylvania

The family (: school in Pennsylvania.

Studly boys at Katharine's baptism

Cutie patootie (:

Writing or... something

Goofballs (:

Hannah's backwards outfit

Beautiful Hannah (:

The Explorin' Gang

Creepy me at 15, haha

First stake dance! Wow!

Yummy hot cocoa chin (:

I loved Elbereth (: I would love to have a horse again someday!

Cute Adam

Stinky Pete.. haha
Life has been fantastic lately. Way too much to expound on right now, I'm kinda tired, but it's been lovely (: I'm so blessed. So, enjoy (:


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