Friday, August 19, 2011


Cooper and I! Most adorable dog ever! I've already told him my life story (: He's great!

My 21 and a half inch catfish I caught (: First fish of the summer!! Beat Isaac's record, which he isn't too happy about (: Now he knows nothing of fishing! (inside joke, haha)

Laughin (: on a date! My smile looks kinda goofy, but I'm happy haha.

The adorable kids, when we lived in Pennsylvania (: We've all grown so much! I love these kids! Their my best friends (: Adam and Peter too!
Hello again! It's been a while so I wrote. Nothing too interesting has been going on lately... it's funny how no matter where you are, life just is ALWAYS busy! At least for me! It's crazy! As soon as one thing is out of the way, another thing just fills that time slot right back up immediately.
I've been working a ton, at Subways. It's a pretty great job - we get free sandwiches and drinks, and tips! I'm saving the tips in a jar to save up for a GPS. Virginia roads are insane, and I am, let's say.... directionally challenged. That sentence should suffice. I've also been checking them out for older coins - and have found quite a few! I guess the older they are, the more likely their made out of more valuable metals, and some of them are worth a ton of money. So that's been fun (: I've been working a ton of hours every day. It'll make a nice paycheck, but it's taking a toll on my energy levels!
Church has been incredible, as always. The branch here is amazing. FHE and Institute are so fun. My fellow "single adults" (Okay, that sufficiently just freaked me out. How about fellow college students?) are incredible. Super fun, kind, all that jazz. On my days off work, or even days with work, I usually have a date or a hiking trip or something fun to do which keeps me busy, and keeps life fun and super interesting(: Alot of the kids are taking off to college this week or next, some of them have left already :( Sad day! But Matt is staying, and a few other awesome people. So we'll keep the branch goin' while their gone (:
School is starting super soon! Next week is the New Student Orientation. I'm going to be joining a club called COAR, which is basically a huge service group. They go build houses during spring break, and do all sorts of service projects throughout the year. During orientation their helping out in the morning to clean the Rappahanock River, and then later we're going on a kayaking trip (: WOOHOO! Another check off my bucket list! I'm super excited (:
I'm taking pretty interesting classes too! I ended up having to drop horseback riding, which I am SUPER bummed about :'( It had a pretty hefty fee, sadly. Money, money, money... I also dropped my math class.. I am thinking of majoring in art, and getting a minor in business. That way I could own my own studio or gallery someday, and it would be more applicable to the job market. I feel super good about it. Pretty excited, honestly (:
So I am taking:
-History of Western Art (Turns out this teacher is LDS, and I've heard she's amazing. I'm excited)
-American Studies
-First Year Seminar in American History
-British Novels
-Principles of Macroeconomics

Tada! My first semester of college schedule. We'll see if I transfer any of them the first few days, but I feel pretty good about it.

Random Tidbits for the day:
On... Wednesday? When I was working, I got made fun of by an old man, WHILE I was making his sandwhich mind you, about my accent! Apparently I say words very oddly. He gave me quite a hard time, while I was dribbling mustard on his sandwhich. Ew, that sounds like I was spitting.. okay, squirting mustard on his sandwhich. He thought I was from the boonies of the Appalachian Mountains. Thanks, man! Little did he know, it was the U-taw accent! Slowly picking up the Southern accent, here and there... Southern accents have always charmed me, especially when attractive guys call me ma'am. Ever since the 9th grade, I specifically remember. Not sure why. It's very cute (: But I'm not sure how hot I am on my own Southern twang.

My Dad bought me this car air freshener, that smells INCREDIBLE. I almost drive with the windows up, even with no a/c which is unheard of here, because I love the smell so much. It's called "Midsummer's Evening" and it has a picture of a soldier's silhouette on the flag (Naval base - go figure). Basically, it smells like men's cologne. Being a girl who sometimes enjoys wearing guy deoderant, because it smells sooo good (: , I thoroughly enjoy it! Haha! I love it so much, it was worth writing about on my blog. It's wow. If you could sniff and smell it right now, you would understand.

Today I'm off to the temple. I'm so excited (: The Washington DC temple! That means I've been to the Salt Lake, Timpanogas, Denver, Manti, Nauvoo, Portland, and today the one in our nation's capital. I'm super, duper, triple excited, with a lip-smackin cherry on top (: Haha. Then tonight is a dance for the branch, it's funny - their alot like stake dances from the old days, but everyone is taller. That's basically the only difference. Their pretty fun (: We're supposed to dress up as our celebrity look alike.. I was going to dress as Reese Witherspoon, but I've been too busy to put anything together. So yeah.

Which reminds me, I got a haircut - EW! I got bangs, which look cute, but then she did this weird short layer thing... so basically, I look like a 70s shag rockstar. Like Shaggy from Scooby Doo? Slightly mullet like... bleck! I'm not a huge fan! I CANNOT wait for it to grow out. I'm going to grow my hair out long again.. longer then last time. Just trim it from now on. No more crazy hair experiments. Bangs... psh, what was I thinking?
Wow, I wrote a lot. Pat on the back for Whitney (; Thanks for reading! I'm off to party and work in my lovely life (: Life is beautiful, and I am so grateful for that. There are definitely tough times. But it's so worth it. Life is truly wonderful (:
the end, for today!

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